Illuminated Arboreal Data Codes

Texas Tech University, Lubbock , TX
Rawls College of Business

I envisioned the ability to utilize the Rawls School of Business site location as a continuous installation of multiple tree form elements, which are experienced uniquely from various viewpoints with an interactive possibility, while supporting the landscape watershed environment of the project site for those who live and contribute to this University community. 

Illuminated Arboreal Data Codes starts as groupings of tree like forms ‘growing out of the open space in front of the entryway.
This concept shows three major communication tree groupings totaling 13 tree forms, depicting the graphic iconic elements of ‘Technology Communication Circuits’.

The project installation displays forms of language - ancient through modern - used by many cultures to continue their messages and stories for trade and communication. #1) Cuneiform – one of the most ancient and sophisticated #2) Morse Code – still used today #3) Braille – which opened up a whole world for the visually impaired and assimilated this large culture back into society with dignity #4) Binary – still a used and open code system birthing our forward thrust into communication technology. 

Sheltering Light & Color

East Capitol Urban Farm Public Art Project  

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

My main focus for the Sheltering Light & Color environmental installation was an interactive language and gateway to this DC's Urban Farm Community Garden Environment.  This site installation of tree-like pavilions becomes interactive and accessible and acts as a visual identity that has the opportunity to constantly change throughout the day and seasons through its color spectrum. The sheltering theme can be utilized as a visual compliment by developing an environment where the viewer can experience the installation from many viewpoints - from the street, garden farm areas, plaza and neighborhood to energize the community garden experience.

Our Family of Wisdom - Illuminated Knowledge

Phoebe Hearst Elementary School  

Department of General Services (DGS) - Washington DC

I envisioned the ability of Our Family of Wisdom - Illuminated Knowledge, to utilize the site location at the entry platform for the Phoebe Hearst Elementary School as a continuous installation of the multiple 'stix' tree form elements and translucent owls, which are experienced uniquely from multiple viewpoints. Nested in the tree stand is a family of 5 owls - mom, dad, and 3 babies - viewing their surrounding territory. I utilized Hearst Elementary School’s mascot because of the visual elements of Wisdom and Watchfulness. This theme is designed to identify the school with a joyful set of colors and give a fun and elegant gateway to the facility, which is easily identifiable for the students and neighborhood.